Scuba Divers Fend Off Hammerhead Shark

27-year old Forest Galante is best known for being the daredevil that he is.

He’s been featured a number of times in Discovery Channel thanks to his adventurous pursuits. In one occasion, what he thought would just be another day of free dive spear fishing turned into a life-threatening adrenaline rush off the California coast.

After catching a humongous yellow tail fish, he noticed there was a shark circling their area. Instead of staying on the boat and on the side of caution, Galante wanted to be near to the man-eating creature.

“It was incredible – scalloped hammerheads are generally rare as it is, but for one to be all the way up in the northern Channel Islands of California is practically unheard of,” Galante explains.

His friend, Adam expressed his willingness to accompany his daredevil friend back in the waters for one up close and personal moment with the shark.

“Right before jumping in my friend Adam says to me, ‘Shall I grab a gun?’, I responded with a cocky, “No, hammerheads aren’t generally interested in people.”