See the World’s First Seawater-Powered Dive Light

Today’s modern age has brought about countless risks to nature.

Thankfully, there are those who love Mother Earth so much, they come up with ingenious ways to save our planet—one of which is SWES Technology.

SWES is a group of scientists who have been conducting archaeological deep-sea searching for the past 20 years. They have been relentless in their efforts of finding alternative ways of exploring the sea through developing research equipment.

Their greatest breakthrough to date is the SWES dive light: The world’s first ever seawater-powered dive light.

Upon discovering a plant-based crystal underwater, the SWES team knew that it was the material that would make this SWES dive light a reality. When it interacts with seawater, they’ve discovered it generates electric power.

The team wasted no time developing the SWES light. They turned its power to an environmental-friendly LED light that lights up as soon as it touches the seawater and stays lit throughout contact. It doesn’t require any batteries, which means there’s no need to charge. It doesn’t need any form of maintenance and is always ready to use once underwater.

On top of saving energy, the SWES dive light is lightweight, easy to carry and is solid in design. This light will also last you years on end of daily usage. Every deep sea explorer will surely get a knack out of this one—the seawater dive light of the future.

As for the SWES team, the fight for change never stops. They are now looking into harnessing the power of the crystalline for massive ships, which is one of the greatest water pollutants.