Simple (But Crucial) Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Scuba diving for beginners can be very scary but it’s equally rewarding.

Sure, the first few sessions could scare the oxygen out of you. However, getting used to it opens up doors to wonderful, adventure-packed experiences you only dreamt about.

Just like any sport, scuba diving comes with its own risks. That’s why it’s best to live by certain tips to keep you safe and alive. Here are simple but crucial scuba diving tips for beginners.

Know what you’re getting into

Diving is enjoyable. However, it’s not for everyone. The old acronym stands for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”. Right off the bat, you should know that you’ll be underwater with a regulator and other gears attached to you throughout the entire time. If you’re unsure, practice snorkeling first. This helps you make that decision as to whether you want to push through with it or not.

Be a conservative diver

There are all sorts of rules when it comes to scuba diving. The only way you can remain safe and keep the experience enjoyable is to follow these rules. So as much as you can, be a conservative diver. Being a risk taker isn’t always the best route to take. After all, a drastic decision isn’t worth your life any day.

Stop holding your breath

Holding your breath causes panic. When you start panicking underwater, it’s going to lead to dangerous consequences. Remember, you have a tank and a regulator with you. You can breath calmly and slowly, just as you would if you’re on land. Also, don’t rise too quickly. This can send nitrogen bubbles into your blood stream and can lead to all kinds of painful aneurysms, and even death.

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