Terrifying Moment Diver is Attacked by Pregnant Shark

Sharks have built a reputation of being one of the world’s most dangerous predators.

Countless shark attacks have been reported around the world. However, experts insist that they are only aggressive when provoked.

Despite scientists clearing the air, we still can’t help but be terrified of the sea creature. Just imagine how it would be like to be attacked by one. Well for one diver in South Africa, it’s a nightmare come true.

A horrifying footage surfaced of a diver who was savagely bitten by a pregnant sand tiger shark in an aquarium at Durba, South Africa. The diver can be seen approaching the shark, in hopes of tagging her as part of the center’s protocol. Seconds later, the shark appeared to feel threatened and turned towards him. It took no time at all for the pregnant sand tiger shark to lunge her teeth at the diver’s arm, puncturing it deeply. The predator tossed the poor diver like a ragged doll, and as if in a horrific movie, the water turned red.

The two struggled for a few more seconds until the lucky diver, narrowly dodging death, was able to swim back to the surface. Medics rushed to him and attended to his wounds immediately. Footage showed how the diver’s arm and wrist were completely obliterated by the angry shark.

The good news is the diver was able to make a full recovery. He’s even headed back to the waters already, prepared to take on the next job.

What can we say? All part of a day’s work, right?

Image source: dailymail.co.uk