The Cost of Panic in Diving

There are a lot of ways diving can go wrong.

Whether you are a novice or a pro, there will always be situations wherein your knowledge will be tested. Sadly, some minor mishaps have turned into major tragedies. Other divers have lost their lives due to problems that could’ve been prevented.

One example is the story of divers Anna and Bill. Both have been diving for a while and have explored the same quarry for quite some time. The day’s dive condition were pleasant, the same as they have encountered before. Upon reaching the platform, Ann noticed Bill was having problems with his weight belt. She moved in to help him out, only to have her regulator knocked out of her mouth when Bill was moving around.

Bill struggled to reach the surface and upon getting there, he realized Ann wasn’t behind him. He signaled other divers who came to help. They found Ann unconscious with her regulator still out of her mouth. Cause of death: Drowning.

Most would assess this as equipment problem. However, experts found that it’s certainly human error that brought about the tragedy. Bill was panicking when he realized his weight belt didn’t feel right. He kept on moving about, hitting Ann in the process that ultimately led to her death. Furthermore, reports showed that the two divers were using rented gear. Spending a bit more time to study the equipment before the dive may have given these divers a better shot at using their rented gear.

The takeaway is to always be knowledgeable, prepared and calm in the face of emergency. No matter how seasoned a diver you are, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with the equipment you’re about to use. These simple actions can inevitably save your life.

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