The Top 3 Scuba Diving Destinations in the United States

The ocean is a beautiful place.

No one can deny this. That’s why for many ocean lovers want to experience it different ways. Swimming, surfing, and fishing are the common ways to connect with the ocean. For the more adventurous people, they go scuba diving.

Scuba diving lets you experience the ocean more intimately. You can swim with fish, touch their homes, and see a different side of the world.

If you’re a scuba diver, then it’s imperative you know the best diving spots in the US.

  1. Inian Islands of Alaska

If you want a challenge, then you should go to Alaska. They have serene waters and majestic diving spots. The most well-known is the Wall of Life. You’ll be able to see octopuses, eels, sea lions, and soft coral variations.

  1. Oahu Islands

Oahu is a beginner friendly diving spot. There are hundreds of diving sites. You can also get PADI-certified while visiting. Diving schools and instructors are almost everywhere on the island.

Hawaii has one of the most beautiful maritime scenic offerings. It’s because of its diverse underwater climate. Its natural beauty is breathtaking. Once you dive you’ll breath will be taken away by its natural beauty, colorful fish and plant life.

  1. Santa Barbara Island, Monterey, Catalina and San Diego

California, which is along United States’ Pacific coastline, has one of the best scuba diving spots. This place is best suited for intermediate and advanced divers. You’ll be greeted by rocky coastlines and beautiful aquatic creatures. Some see it as a challenging dive, so be aware of that.
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