The World’s Best Kept Secret Dive Spots

The beauty of the underwater world never ceases to amaze us.

Just about anywhere in the globe, you will find places to ogle over marine life and breathtaking sea creatures. However, it’s not just the most popular spots that have the attractions.

In our quest to find the finest dive spots, we stumbled upon these best kept secret dive areas you wouldn’t want to miss.


Diver swimming along an iceberg in crystal clear water holding a video camera with lights on, Tasiilaq Fjord, East-Greenland, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic, global warming.

It’s only during springtime that Greenland becomes suitable for divers. It’s the time when winter subsides and you have a front row seat to watch drifting icebergs in crystal clear waters. Be warned, though. Not all icebergs are solid enough. At any time, it can collapse. But isn’t that the thrill of it all?


Cape Town, South Africa

The summer’s southeastern winds can be quite relentless on this side of the world. The result? Upwelling draws nutrient-rich waters inshore that invite planktons to start blooming. This the perfect time for jellyfishes to go on a feeding frenzy, which is nothing short of an underwater spectacle. Be here and you will definitely feel you’re not taking enough photos.


White Star Quarry, Ohio

America is home to countless dive spots, including this uncanny spot somewhere in Ohio. White Star is a county park near Toledo, Ohio and is best known for the leftover forest in its quarry. It’s a popular dive spot but it’s still got plenty of secrets that await divers from across the globe. For one, if you are in the right place, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing statue of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty herself.

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