This Backyard Pool is Deep Enough to Scuba Dive

Pools are always an exciting addition to homes.

You get to have your own private oasis where you can practice your laps and goof around with your friends. But what about having a backyard pool that’s so robust, you can dive 26 feet deep into it?

Somewhere in Springville, Utah lies “The Mountain”—the Godfather of all pools. Stretching up to 140 feet in length and 60 feet wide, this massive pool holds up to 360,000 gallons of water.

At the center of this pool is a huge 90-feet manmade mountain made of 360 yards of concrete. It perfectly blends with its natural surroundings, truly making it a sight to behold. Housing five waterfalls varying in heights, the inside is nothing short of impressive too. It’s got a kitchen complete with granite counter tops, a huge grill, a sink and even a refrigerator. Should you need a quick shower or trip to the loo, you don’t have to go back inside your house. Everything you’ll need to freshen up is inside this colossal cave. If you do feel like exploring this mountain, there’s a slide, a grotto and all kinds of nuts and crannies.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of The Mountain is you can scuba dive in it. Yup, at 26 feet deep, you can explore the sea from underneath and emerge at the center of the pool. Be warned though, you need to be a certified diver to pull this off.

The project cost over $2-M and was featured on an episode of the Animal Planet’s Pool Master.

Can you say, #poolgoals?!