Tiny ‘Godzilla’ Spotted Eating WHAT?!

The world is truly filled with wonder.

Whether on the surface or underwater, there’s a lot to discover. That’s why it’s never a bore to dive. You have the marine life and all these sea creatures that never fail to bewilder. Just ask the divers who recently went on an expedition off Isabela in the Galapagos Islands.

Steve Winkworth and his team were exploring the underwater life in the area when they spotted something that took their breath away: A majestic iguana foraging for food, swimming alongside them with its human-like movements. The catch? It’s well over six feet long and can easily be considered a “Godzilla”!

The entire thing was captured on tape, with the iguana even swimming closely beside Winkworth. It didn’t mind the divers that surround it. It went on about its own business, looking for something to eat. Thankfully for these humans, this iguana is all about the veg life. It was even captured feasting on algae at one point. Yep, it’s your friendly, veggie-loving giant that won’t harm a human.

The video, first uploaded in Reddit was captioned: “Tiny Godzilla nomming on things underwater.” It doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s gained a global audience. At first, we didn’t quite believe what we were watching. We even thought it was CGI at first but boy oh boy, was it all surreal!

Others have taken to Reddit and YouTube to express their thoughts on the gargantuan albeit adorable creature. “From behind the safety of my computer screen, it’s surely adorable. If I were in the water though, nope nope nope nope,” one commented. Another said: “”Now I know what a baby godzilla looks like!” while one more user added: “By marine iguana, you mean Godzilla right?”

This iguana is known to only reside in the Galapagos and is regarded as highly endangered. Here’s to hoping its kind continues to flourish and astound.

Image source: express.co.uk