Top 4 Picks for Your Underwater Vacation

An underwater vacation is surely an unparalleled experience.

There’s nothing like waking up to the view of fish swimming around, coral reefs alive and vibrant and the vast blue sea ahead of you. No wonder more are booking their trips deep under the sea!

If you want to spend your next getaway underwater, then check out the following spots we found.

Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest rising cities to date. It’s got just about anything and everything that will take your breath away. Case in point: The Atlantis Hotel, which feature two submerged rooms aptly named Poseidon and Neptune. For a mere $850, you’re bound to wake up to the view of a constructed “lost city” and chance upon one of the 65,000 marine animals.

Manta Resort, Africa

This Zanzibar island is flocked by divers and non-divers for one fantastic underwater vacation. The private island situated in the Indian Ocean boasts of below-sea-level bedrooms complete with panoramic windows for the perfect view of the deep blue sea. Here, even sleepless nights aren’t a bore.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

What used to be a research lab is now an underwater hotel open for everyone. It doesn’t exactly provide luxurious features like that off the Atlantis Hotel. However, it does give you one of the most authentic underwater experiences unlike any other. Oh and if you’ve never tried eating pizza below sea level, then count it as a first here.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

If you are patient enough to wait for the next big thing, then the ultra-luxurious Poseidon Undersea Resort is your best bet. It’s looking to build 22 exclusive underwater rooms that will look straight out of a Bond film.

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