Touching Moment Turtle Says ‘Thank You’ To Diver

The sea is filled with some of the world’s most breathtaking sceneries.

It is also home to the most majestic and beautiful sea creatures.

Sadly, we human beings haven’t been as careful as we should’ve been. Too often sea creatures reach the surface lifeless, their stomachs filled with plastics. Some of them continue to fight for their life with one or more things attached to them. Thankfully, there are kind souls out there like kite surfers Colin Sutton and Cameron Dietrich.

They were fishing off Baja on the Mexican Coast when they spotted a distressed turtle. “When I saw the turtle tangled up I jumped in the water and began to cut it free,” Dietrich said in an interview with MailOnline. “It was totally worn out from fighting for its life for last probably 12 to 20 hours.”

The two wasted no time and immediately dove in to save the turtle. The entire ordeal was captured in a video, which so far amassed over five million views.

Dietrich used a diver’s knife and carefully cut off the rope wrapped tightly around one of the turtle’s fins while Sutton helped it float. Once it was freed, the two kite surfers watched the turtle, making sure it can make its way back deep into the blue.

However, in a delightfully unexpected turn, the turtle swam back and stopped in front of Dietrich’s face as if allowing him to hold it. It almost as if the turtle was saying ‘thank you’.

“For me, it was an unusual and wonderful moment,” he added. “After it came up to my face it swam off into the blue straight.”