Watch Moment Goliath Grouper Eats Shark

The goliath grouper isn’t the meanest of all fish.

However, it does one thing that makes our jaws drop: It grows big. Very big. That’s why when a bunch of fishermen encountered one off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida, it was one experience they’ll never forget.

In the video, the fishermen caught 4-ft black tip shark when all of a sudden, a grouper surfaced and gobbled the shark in one, humongous bite. The fishermen couldn’t believe what happened and the video has since collected over 61 million views, and counting.

“From all available data, goliath grouper do not eat sharks,” said Dr. Matthew Craig, a National Geographic grantee and marine biologist at the University of San Diego in California. “That said, groupers in general are opportunistic feeders. If there is something that is an ‘easy’ meal that can fit in their mouths, they will go after it.”

A biologist named Christopher Koenig also confirmed Craig’s claims saying: “Goliath grouper teeth are small and recurved,” Koenig said. “They are designed to hold the fish within the mouth cavity, not to cut it in pieces. So, to say that it swallowed the shark ‘in just one bite’ implies that it could have taken more than one bite, but it can’t.”

The Florida biologist adds: “The result is that the tail end of the fish sticks out of their mouths until the other end is digested and they can swallow it.”

It’s not only its fellow fish the goliath loves to stalk. Reports have been confirmed that this colossal creature enjoys stalking and ambushing divers too.