You Won’t Believe How this Guy Scuba Dived to $15 Million!

14 years ago, Glenn Berger was out of work and had no idea what to do next.

Crazy as it sounds, he’s now sitting comfortably atop his $15 million fortune —  and counting!

Glenn conceived what could be the wildest idea in the world that made him the self-made millionaire he is now. He decided to live in golf-course rich state of Florida and retrieve lost golf balls for a living. Yep, you read it right. He’s a golf-ball-diving-son-of-a-gun.

Just when we thought this couldn’t sound more outrageous, we find out that the lakes he dives in are gator-infested. “They’ll float over me while I’m on the bottom but sometimes they’re curious – especially the smaller ones, they’ll dive down and bump me on the tank just to see what I am. Scuba diving is a dangerous activity as it is but when you add no visibility, no lifeline and alligators looking for a meal it only gets worse,” the daredevil said.

He’s had a few close encounters with the frightening reptiles. Diving six feet deep with a wetsuit and camouflage tank, he had a gator tangled in his gear.

The golf balls may be ineffective after 24 hours underwater but many golf ranges are still willing to buy the balls from Glenn.

As to how much he’s earning from it, Glenn reportedly sells it at $1 per piece. He says he fishes out anywhere “between 1.3 and 1.7 million golf balls per year”. Doing the Math, that’s roughly 5,480 balls a day. That’s a ton of golf balls!

Anybody who can top this off?